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®  It takes a variety of professional skills from a concerned and competent staff to care for the individual needs of Orchard Manor residents. Working as a team, the staff assesses each resident, sets goals to meet the individual's needs, and develops and implements a plan to meet these goals. Each resident's long-term care plans is evaluated and updated regularly, with the individual's well being as the ultimate goal.

®  Area physicians provide in-house medical care, make regular weekly visits, and are on call for emergency care.

®  24-hour Registered Nurse (RN) coverage to assess, treat and care for residents. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNís) to assist the RN in the development of care plans, supervise their implementation and administer prescribed medications and treatments.

®  Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAís) provide direct resident care in accordance with the residentís care plan.

®  Licensed Physical Therapist and staff aides provide specific exercise programs for rehabilitation or restoration of mobility.

®  Registered Occupational Therapist provides activities to improve motor skills, community living skills, and cognitive skills. (Speech, PT and OT services are approved by Medicare and Medicaid)

®  Our Social Service staff coordinates pre-screening and admission of potential residents, acts as a liaison between Orchard Manor and the families of residents, and advocates for residents' rights.

®  A Certified Dietician directs the preparation of nutritious and delicious meals which meet each individual's dietary needs for general, therapeutic or modified meals.

®  Activity Director and her staff provide that all residents in our community have full and eventful lives through such activities as music and other entertaining programs, discussions, games, movies, dances, handicrafts, religious services, and parties for birthdays, holidays and other special events.

®  Specialists in Speech Therapy, Psychiatry, and Psychology, Music Therapy, Optical care, Dental care, and Pharmaceutical services provide support, as needed, based on individual assessments.

®  Qualified Mental Retardation Professionals (QMRP's) provide for our Developmentally Disabled Clients Active Treatment needs.

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Service List

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